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GPNow allows patients to quickly connect with a medical professional, have a prescription filled and sent to a pharmacy near you. Our goal is to improve patient care and help people get better, faster.

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Connect to a doctor with a simple click of a button.

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GPNow allows doctors to easily connect with patients from anywhere.

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Generate an online stream of prescriptions to expand your distribution and reach.

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Provide an extra level of care for your teams through wellness programs, wherever they are located.

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About GPNow

We believe there is a better way to provide patient care. We’ve developed a solution which results in better outcomes for both patients and medical professionals.

We help Medical Professionals
serve patients Remotely

We work with medical professionals of all backgrounds, from solo GPs to large medical networks to find ways to serve their patients better. They use GPNow’s telehealth platform to improve patient care and satisfacton while scaling their revenues without adding overhead costs.

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Choose your medical professional and either connect immediately or schedule a call for a time which is convenient for you. 

When you’re ready for your call, simply log in on your phone or computer and speak to your Doctor from wherever you wish.

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There’s always more ways to improve patient care. Follow the latest updates from the team at GPNow to hear how we are using the latest TeleHealth technology to promote health and wellbeing for everyone, regardless of their location.

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