GPNow Ethical Charter

Declaration of Geneva
GPNow is committed to the principals of the Declaration of Geneva adopted by the 2nd General Assembly of the World Medical Association in 1948.

Putting patients first
GPNow doctors and non-medical support staff will always put the health and wellbeing of patients first. They will maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, and practice their profession with conscience and dignity, free from the influence of motive or profit.

Respect for dignity and autonomy
GPNow doctors and non-medical support staff will respect the autonomy and dignity of patients, and maintain the utmost respect for human life. We will perform our duties with honour and compassion, advocate for our patients where required, and act in their best interests at all times.

Assurance of assistance
GPNow is committed to providing assistance to all populations in need, wherever possible. Where we can, we will extend our services to people in distress, victims of natural or man-made disasters and victims of armed conflict.

Neutrality and impartiality
GPNow is committed to neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to medical assistance, and claims full and unhindered freedom in the exercise of these functions. We will maintain a neutral stance in regard to political and other organisations, and will not contribute to nor be influenced by political, social or economic agendas.

GPNow doctors and non-medical support staff will not permit considerations of age, disease, disability, creed, ethnicity, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing, or any other factor to impact upon their duty towards each and every patient.

Privacy and confidentiality
GPNow doctors and non-medical support staff will respect patient privacy and confidentiality. We will not share or disclose personal information, or infringe upon patient’s right to privacy at any time. This commitment continues to be upheld after the death of a patient.

Unethical practices
GPNow doctors and non-medical support staff will not engage in unethical practices, including self-advertisement or improper receipt of funds. We will respect all relevant professional codes of ethics, and will maintain complete independence from all political, economic or religious powers.

Use of medical knowledge
GPNow doctors and non-medical support staff will not use their medical knowledge to violate human rights or civil liberties, even when under threat.

Respect for human rights
GPNow respects fundamental human rights, and will not behave in any way that may discriminate against or damage the dignity of others.

Standard of care
GPNow aims to provide the highest standard of medical treatment and advice to all patients, and will conduct regular reviews and undertake steps to continuously improve upon this standard.

Contribution to society
GPNow is committed to making a positive contribution to society, through both our professional services and any charitable endeavours or professional partnerships we may undertake.

Information disclosure
GPNow strives to disclose all relevant information properly, and in a timely manner. We will conduct all our activities honestly, fairly, and transparently, abiding by all applicable legislation and professional standards.

GPNow cares about environmental conservation and sustainability. We will work in harmony with nature, and will implement our activities in a way which protects the global environment and its natural resources.