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With more than 7+ million refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine our telehealth platform is ready & available free of charge providing remote access to doctors and volunteers to those in need of medical advice, comfort & care.

Our cutting-edge, worldclass, telehealth platform is designed to provide safe secure, multi-lingual, low-bandwidth high-definition virtual consultations Anywhere, Anytime.

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Are you a person who has been affected by the Ukraine conflict that needs support from a health professional.
Are you a qualified medical professional or clinical specialist eg Doctor, Nurse or Psychologist that wants to offer their services.
Are you someone who can support consultations with translations, project management, marketing or wants to offer their services.

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Our medical consultations are provided FREE OF CHARGE by our doctors and translators to all Ukrainians affected by the current crisis in Ukraine.

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Each €10 contribution = 1 Consultation

The Story So far

GPNow supporting Ukraine
by Gina Trandafir – Country Manager GPNow Romania

Press Release – A helping hand for Ukraine

Our story has been published on the Medical Forum with Cathy O’Leary as GPNow CEO Rob Hicken talks about how far the Ukrainian Crisiscare program has come and it’s origins, how we are helping Ukrainian doctors help Ukrainian families, and what we need to do to secure the future of this amazing service. If you’re wondering what our team are all about, this is a must read.

🌻 Anastasiia’s Update – Second Surgery Success 🌻

Our brave Anastasiia has completed her second of three rounds of surgery to remove her tumor in her spine – it’s a super risky operation with a 50% chance of being rendered paraplegic or worse – but we have an amazing team of 12 professors & surgeons at Leiden Medical University in NDL caring for our special friend – as you can see she is good spirits and ready to take on this critical stage of what we hope will be a full and speedy recovery. Marta has confirmed there has been no damage to the spinal cord and Anastasiia has all her functions – one more round of surgery to go!

Please say a prayer for this amazing young girl who has endured so much over the past year or so 👍🙏😇

GPNow Helps Ukrainians with Global Humanitarian Telehealth Service Built on AWS

Wonderful news – AWS have released our case study to 8 million subscribers to raise awareness of our amazing group of doctors and support team continue to keep the service alive and well. We hope and pray someone will help us help Ukraine 💪🙏😇

Over 6,000 Ukrainians Reached

Our friends at EthisX are cranking up our crowdfunding campaign for PII Australia – if you know anyone interested in a “Slice of the PII” – please feel free to share this page.

We also had a wonderful evening with Perth’s movers & shakers to seek support for the Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service. Hosted by Rotary WA the audience including senior representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora and has generated significant interest in supporting the program moving forward. Special thanks to Wayne and Brett for supporting this event which included Dr Illyashenko joining from Kyiv during an air raid (he is safe) and Tanya from Merzig Germany who shared her story. Our story on Anastassia’s cancer journey deeply moved all who attended. With the anniversary of hostilities looming large we soldier on – we have now helped more than 6,000 Ukrainians since the service was launched.

Dr Vadim Ilyashenko UCTS chief medical officer

Dr Vadim Illyashenko’s Update

So far, the Russian military has damaged 1,100 medical institutions in Ukraine, of which 144 have been completely destroyed and 235 which remain in occupied territories.

Ministry of healthcare and Dr Vadim Illyashenko – UCTS Chief Medical Officer (Neurosurgeon – Oberig Clinic – Kyiv Ukraine).

🌻 Anastasiia’s Update – First Tumour GONE! 🌻


Wonderful news Anastassia is safely out of surgery recovering well in high spirits and cracking jokes.

A team of 6 wonderful world-class Dutch 🇳🇱 surgeons at the Leiden Medical University successfully removed the first tumour in her throat – this was a very high-risk life-threatening procedure with the potential to lose the power to speak, ability to swallow and suffer a stroke.

Anastassia is so young and strong – and her will to win this battle is inspirational – a truly brave Ukrainian fighter just won round 1 with Marta the Magnificent and Jagoda from the amazing BeAHeroUA team by her side every step of the way…

More dangerous surgery to remove a second tumour in her neck and spine in 3-4 weeks time – meanwhile this amazing young girl from rural Ukraine will be surrounded by a Army of Angel “Aunties” to provide limitless tender love & care – we will keep you posted on progress 🇺🇦

“By supporting the needs of humanity, we will find peace”

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As the finishing touch God created the Dutch 🇳🇱

Miracles truly do happen – we are delighted to announce Anastassia has attended Leiden Medical University in the Netherlands and the prognosis is very promising as she is young and strong and the tumours are smaller than anticipated.

A team of 12 Professors and Doctors specialising in Chondral Chordoma are now caring for Anastassia and the Dutch Government are generously covering the cost of her care.

Now the real battle begins – our friends at BeAHero have done so much to help – such acts of kindness are truly inspirational – Anastassia had a magical mystery tour around Amsterdam ✨️ after her first ever flight ✈️ from Poland – she went to the cinema to watch her first movie in 3D – yes it was Avatar.

Surgery starts soon – will keep you posted on Anastassia’s journey 🙏

Anastasiia is out of surgery and resting – will keep you posted on progress…

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Anastasiia’s Journey

On Saint Nicholas Day 🎅 celebrated in many European countries in the lead up to Christmas, we started a very special journey for Anastasiia!

Marta “The Miracle Worker” from Be A Hero UA helped organise a passport and pre-op treatment for Anastasiia in Poland before we send her to Tubingen Clinic Germany for surgery at the end of the month.

Darek “Anastasiia’s Santa” from Be A Hero UA collected her from a hostel in Poznan where she lives alone since leaving Ukraine in March to take her to Poland.

Anastasiia said, “This trip is amazing… 🥰 thank you, you all are great! I feel myself really good, my mood is very good and that’s why sometimes I forget that I’m not healthy”

The journey took a very special turn, when we organised a very special rendezvous for Anastasiia to see her husband, which she hadn’t seen for over 9 months, like a Fairytale, Miracle for them ✨ in such trying times.

The moment was magical, Anastasiia’s husband swept her off her feet in an emotion embrace, and brought roses.

Finally, this leg of the journey ended in Poland with Anastasiia finalising the documents she needed to begin her treatment.

Will keep you posted on progress… 🕊️💛🇺🇦💙🕊️

🌻 A VERY SPECIAL STORY – About a very brave Ukrainian Girl 🌻

“Anastasiia” – from Kyiv now in Poznan Poland is 18 years old living alone in a hostel.

A young “Romeo & Juliet” marriage – her husband is a soldier taking care of business back home in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Anna has life-threatening throat and neck cancer and cannot get urgently needed treatment for her condition in Poland as the operation is extremely dangerous and expensive with a 50% probability of success and a high-risk of being rendered quadraplegic.

Alone and afraid – Tanya Alhamad our UCTS Practice Manager has taken her under her wing – reaching out to our Chief Medical Officer Dr Vadim Illyashenko for help.

Thanks to an amazing lady in the US – April Chepovsky – a registered nurse from California we have had Anastasiia’s case assessed by one of the top Oncologists at Yale New Haven clinic and we are now working on a plan to transport Anastasiia to the US to receive the comfort & care she desperately needs…

We have many hurdles to overcome including organising, transport via Germany to the US , travel documents, accommodation and of course the operation itself which will require funding.

We do not know how we will overcome these challenges – but we do know we will NEVER give up on Anastasiia…

This is an ongoing humanitarian effort for a young girl who needs help.

This IS VirtualCare for the most Vulnerable.

We will keep you posted on progress.

You can assist funding her surgery in the ‘Support Initiatives’ at the top of the page.


Patient Bouquets – Feedback from the Field – Oksana Gruzyn

Good day. I want to write a review about GPNow.

It is great that there is an opportunity to communicate with the doctors online and solve health issues.

I got to this site by accident. Somehow it turned out that way and since then – I have been an active user. I have problems with gynecology, when I’ve wrote the doctor, I didn’t expect much, and I almost forgot about this, but then the next day I received an answer! Gynecologist Svitlana Baramokhina is really qualified and gives very good advice. She clearly explained everything I was interested in. There is a desire to continue communication and follow doctor’s prescriptions.
Thank you for organizing such a service, which is so needed in today’s situation. I will be happy to continue consultations on GPNow.

Patient Bouquets – Feedback from the Field – Oksana

I would like to express my thanks to Olena Firsenko – a doctor, as well as everyone involved in the creation of this project. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Olena for her professionalism, conscientious work, careful, attentive attitude towards the patient.

It is a great pleasure to speak with a doctor in our native language!

Thanks to the platform, under the close supervision of a wonderful doctor, I started treatment. Waiting in line for 1.5 months to see a doctor for a consultation could have a negative impact on my health. Therefore, this is a great opportunity and I took advantage of it. Very happy with that!

I am asking everyone who can support the project to help with information and finance. Because the project is worth it!

Thanks to everyone involved!

Thank you for standing with Ukraine!

Thank you for your support!

Glory to Ukraine!


Patient Bouquets – Feedback from the Field – Kateryna Orlova

Thank you so much for your professionalism and prompt help!
If it wasn’t for her, our pet could have died!

He almost died of hypothermia, he didn’t move, he didn’t eat, he couldn’t do anything.

The next day, the cat has already started an active way of life – going to the toilet, climbing on the table, even climbing on the refrigerator 😅

I didn’t relieve his pain anymore. He purrs, goes to everyone, he has already become completely different, thank God)) he is cheerful, eats well 🙂

Thank you for your help and support!

Crossing the border at Issacea from Nikoleav

Gina Trandafir our PII Romania 🇷🇴 country manager handing out GPNow cards to refugees crossing the border at Issacea from NIKOLEAV… 💪🙏😇

The story of Roman’s family

“The little 12-year-old boy is a real hero”

On a quiet spring evening, on the central street of Izmaila, which the locals then called Broadway. After a while, after dating, they played a wedding. The wedding was celebrated in Izmail, in the house of my Father’s parents. Papa was a military man and immediately after the wedding he was poisoned for service in the distant taiga. Mom, almost like the wife of the Decembrist, went with him. So they traveled together for life, throughout the Soviet Union.

They gave birth to children, changed cities and apartments. По долгу службы Father changed garrisons, and Mother, following him, was forced to change schools. She worked as an English teacher. Thousands of students passed through her caring hands. I’m sure, many people still remember her with gratitude. For many, the English language has become a good support in adult life. There were many difficulties and trials, but there were also many good things.

This year was especially difficult.

Just before the new year 2022, the parents were admitted to the Mariupol hospital with the coronavirus. They slept under oxygen. The situation was very difficult, but they managed to survive.

On January 19, at the Baptism, they were written out, and at the end of the month I came to visit them. We didn’t see each other for a long time, we were glad to meet, we were making plans for the future.

But on February 24, everything changed.

Mariupol started shelling. I lost contact with my parents and all my relatives who lived in Mariupol. Sometimes, once a week or less often, it was possible to get information that all are alive and well. In his 70s, the father managed to walk up to the 12th floor of some high-rise and send an SMS to his loved ones that they are alive. Так прошёл месяц.

My parents lived for a month in the basement under shelling, without water, food, heat and electricity. And the entire period, from message to message, was literally a torture for all those close to me.

And here is the good news, on March 23 they were able to escape from Mariupol on their car, she was the only survivor from the whole yard.

This was luck.

They decided to go to a safe place, to their homeland, where they hadn’t been for a long time. On their old “Kaline”, which survived the shelling, they drove all over the country. Из Мариуполя везжали в острелами, на окраинах шли бои. They managed to get out of Hell, travel the entire country from east to west through all the post blocks. But… they still couldn’t get to the house.

And on the kanune, I had a dream. I see Mom and Dad with their backs. I call them, and they don’t turn around and leave me. It is obvious from the way that they are very tired. Then they get in the car and leave…

No more moms and dads.

💙💛 The future of our Ukraine will be built on such small heroes with huge brave hearts.

Written by Misha’s grandfather, Viktor Myrhorodsky.

May the late married couple of the Myrhorodskys rest in peace.

And we must always remain PEOPLE!

03/24/2022 A tragedy occurred on the Odesa-Reny highway.

On the way from the city of Tatarbunary to the city of Izmail, a car with refugees from the city of Mariupol got into a car accident. As a result of the incident, the married couple Myrhorodsky Georgiy Konstantinovich and Myrhorodskaya Valentina Vladimirovna died.

There were two other passengers in the car, their daughter-in-law and her son. They remained alive, but received significant injuries. These people survived for a month in the Mariupol hell, where every day could become the last. They managed to get out of it, drive across the country from east to west, and within 50 km of their native home, they crashed into the concrete wall of the post block.

The incident happened in the dark.

The cursed post block was not consecrated and was not properly marked with road signs. I want to tell you separately about the boy who was riding in the car. I believe that this guy is a real hero who deserves the highest award.

During the month of life, in the besieged Mariupol, every day of this little boy’s life was filled with exploits. Daily forays from their basement, where they hid, in search of water, food and firewood, could be the last.

Every day it was necessary to travel about 10 km through the streets of the destroyed city. They make their way among burnt houses, battered vehicles and corpses. He helped his relatives and neighbors to survive every day. He helped as much as he could and did it without any protection, body armor and helmet. In other respects, like any other civilian…

Immediately after the accident, only 12-year-old boy Mikhail remained conscious. It was night on the street, cold, an empty road outside the garden. There are two corpses in the car and a broken mother moaning from hellish pain.

And once again, little Mikhail accomplished a feat. A half-naked, bloodied boy tried to call for help on the phone, but all the phones in the car turned out to be dead. Then he got out and started trying to stop rare cars passing by. He waved his bloodied hand, from which a piece of dangling skin hung, but the cars drove past anyway.

After some time, he was able to stop the ride, it didn’t happen right away, but he still managed. His mother was soon taken to the hospital, where she was taken care of.

I believe that the little 12-year-old boy Mikhail is a real hero who should be written about in school textbooks.

He was able to survive and cope with such difficulties that not every adult can cope with.

Worthy of the highest award.



In the end, Roman’s sister-in-law and nephew arrived in Romania from Mariupol.

Reaching The Most Vulnerable – The Odessa Cards

Petru is a Romanian volunteer I work with in Issacea – with Petru’s help, hundred’s GPNow business cards leave in Ukraine. Petru distributes humanitarian aid from door to door to Ukrainians and orphanages in Izmail, Nikolaev, Odessa.

Continuity of care by GPNow 🇮🇱 

My name is Rostislav. I am 19 years old, I am from Kharkiv. Now I am in Israel. I found the GPNow site and was very surprised by the support and help from the doctors. I’d better start over. For the last five days I have a problem with breathing. I can’t get a full lungful of air. I went to many doctors, but no one could understand what was happening to me. And then I left an application that I needed medical help, described the problem (it was at night) and the next day in the morning Tatyana Alhamad wrote to me, she is a volunteer and also a dentist, who should you contact, I am sure she will help you with joy) To this person I want to thank her for the time she spent on me, for her strength in finding doctors, and she arranged with them for me, for consultation. Thank you very much!! I also want to thank:

1) Andrii Bulakh, an emergency physician, for the consultation and for recommending medications

2) To Vitaly Lunyakin, ENT for taking away my worries about nose problems

3) To Svetlana Barakhmonina, a doctor-psychologist, for helping me understand the problems and open my eyes. My problem was partially solved, I was given the necessary knowledge and information to help me deal with this problem!!

Thank you very much to these people for spending their time, energy and knowledge to help me for FREE. Not all people can pay for medicine now. I hope that there will be people from other countries who will help our doctors financially. Because it is these people who help us maintain our health during the war. Thanks so much again and stay healthy!!

By Ukrainians, for Ukrainians

Congratulations to Kateryna, our UCTS Marketing and Communications Manager, for launching a beautiful new website landing page and Instagram account, designed especially for our Ukrainian patients. These pages are simple to navigate, with content in the Ukrainian language, so those most in need can access our services quickly and easy. Well done, Kateryna!

American Chamber of Commerce – Boosting our International Profile

Thanks to the hard work of our Partner and Alliance Manager Tetiana, our service is now featured on the Humanitarian Help (International) section of the American Chamber of Commerce website! This gives our service a global profile, enabling more people in need to learn about what we have to offer, and helping us to attract more donations so we can continue this important work.

“Amazing Grace” – Thank you Pavel

We’d like to thank the amazing Pavel, who flew all the way from Los Angeles to volunteer for six weeks, welcoming refugees who were crossing the border. Pavel’s beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” brought a little comfort, love, light, joy, peace, and grace to those dealing with the horror of displacement. Check out the video here!

Angels of Steel

In just three months we have onboarded 225 patients and 32 doctors and conducted more than 286 free consultations for vulnerable Ukrainians. All of this amazing work has been funded by PII and resourced by our wonderful volunteers who make the impossible possible, every day. Thanks to our team, who we’ve dubbed the “Angels of Steel”, we’ve been able to make an incredible difference to those in need of medical advice, comfort, and care.

Patient Bouquets – Feedback from the Field – Natalia

Natalia, originally from Odessa and now living in Berlin, contacted us to express her gratitude, after she was able to get in touch with a psychologist and a paediatrician through our platform. Natalia told us that finding help in her new home was challenging, because although local doctors were supportive, explaining herself to strangers was very difficult. “Only Ukrainian people understand Ukrainian souls,” Natalia said. “Thank you for being here!”

Treat People with Kindness

We’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our Romanian Country Manager, Gina! Our Fearless Border Warrior has been so dedicated to her volunteer efforts at the Isaccea border since the outbreak of the conflict, she didn’t even take a day off for her birthday! Gina did get a heartfelt treat on her special day though – our Onboarding and Operations Manager Tanya’s daughter decorated her mum’s laptop in celebration!

PII – Reaching Out To The Refugees

Gina and Dan yet again connecting with those most affected 💪🙏😇

The service is now *available 24 x7* with Ukrainian & Romanian Doctors including psychologists 🕊️✌️💙🇺🇦💛🤞🕊️

Supply Run

Shopping for the refugee children to give them at the border. 💛💙Ready to go! 💪🏼

Refugee Refuel

Dan and I are in Constanta. He helped a refugee refuel the car and put pressure on the tires.

Border Update

Latest in from Gina & Dan at the border – these poor people are emotionally and physically exhausted…

A Refugee, is a Refugee, is a Refugee…

Very first test session with a Ukrainian Refugee in Germany

Please meet Tatanya who has kindly agreed to share this story.

Raised in Crimea, mother of 3 little girls aged 10, 8 and 3 – she met her husband, a doctor from Syria 🇸🇾 and a refugee after he fled the war zone to Ukraine 🇺🇦 where they met and married.

Due to fear of nuclear fallout (the Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhya NPPs were occupied at that time), the whole family left Kyiv, where Tanya had been writing medical texts a month earlier.

They took her mother and cat, and left the keys to their car with a stranger in Romania, because they could no longer drive like this.

They arrived in Germany after a two-week stay in Romania 🇷🇴. It was difficult – they spent 3 frosty nights in a car 🚗, crossing the border.

It was both moving and distressing…

Tanya is an inspiration – this was our very first test session with a Ukrainian Refugee in Germany 🇩🇪  a “doctor” in Singapore 🇸🇬  and a Translator in Romania 🇷🇴.

The Volunteers

They did not know each other before the war began

I met Sebastian and Andrew at the Isaccea border. Sebastian came from France to volunteer, money from his own resources to help with whatever is needed. Andrew is of American citizenship and studied in Romania.


Sebastian and Andrew met in Romania and decided to come together to the Isaccea customs. Humanity has no limits, no citizenship, no religion, no discrimination and we are all one for humanity.

3 More Souls Saved

Last night I was no longer at the Isaccea border

Mentally exhausted. Last night I was no longer at the Isaccea border. I helped the volunteers to find accommodation for the refugees. Today I waited for 3 refugees on the ferry and took them to the station.

More than 3.7 million Ukrainians

The sixth-largest refugee outflow over the past 60-plus years

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created one of the biggest refugee crises of modern times. A month into the war, more than 3.7 million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries – the sixth-largest refugee outflow over the past 60-plus years, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of United Nations data.


On The Ferry…

“I was out with him to see the Danube. He is always looking and looking for the lights of the city 🥺 I gave him the scarf.”

The Border

On Over 700 Ukrainian Refugees

“Yesterday it happened in Isaccea Customs.. I was very tired. I slept 4 hours. Volunteers ask for help from each other. The phone kept ringing. The problem is that we are running out of financial resources. All the volunteers spent money out of their own pockets.”


Sleeping Angels & Teddy Bears…

“The children I brought last night sat in a bunker with their mother for a week. They only had their clothes on. They had no other luggage.It is against humanity! What happens to children is cruel!” 💔😢


So it begins…

“Last night I brought 2 mothers, a grandmother, a puppy and 4 children to my city.Ukrainian refugees”


Random Act of Kindness

The mother told the boy with autism that they were coming to Romania to buy a tablet. Today a friend of mine gave the child a tablet! The child say “ I m so happy and I don’t know what to say “


Popcorn – Movie time last night!

I was watching 1001 Dalmatian together. One laptop in Romanian and the other in Russian. ☺️😀💪🏼

I want to help!

Calling all medical professionals and support personel

Would you like to know more

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please reach out to us. 

Practice Innovators International Pty. Ltd. acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.