GPNow joins forces with Wolters Kluwer to improve patient care

GPNow Telehealth is collaborating with Wolters Kluwer across Asia Pacific to support “CONTACT FREE” video consultations delivering world-class UpToDate® decision support for health professionals whilst reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection at the point of care.

The World Health Organisation is actively encouraging the use of telehealth services for patient consultations, providing much needed assurance and advice whilst reducing the risk of exposure to the virus.

UpToDate is the evidence-based, clinical decision support resource trusted by more than 1.9 million clinicians worldwide to make the right point-of-care decisions. UpToDate offers over 11,800 clinical topics covering 25 specialties. More than 7,100 renowned physician authors, editors and peer reviewers in 50 countries use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care.

GPNow offers a telehealth service that provides private, safe, secure CONTACT FREE access to certified medical professionals anywhere, anytime – incorporating the UpToDate clinical decision support resource.

Using cutting-edge high-definition/low bandwidth video technology, the GPNow telehealth platform virtual consultation service delivers extraordinary reach – connecting patients with a qualified medical professional to provide immediate assistance at a time when healthcare services are severely stretched – safely and securely anywhere anytime via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Founder & CEO Robert Hicken says: “Our charter is to improve patient care – we realised very early on that there is a significant opportunity to minimise the risk of infection for both patients and those providing medical assistance through the use of telehealth services such as GPNow at “point-of-care” pressure points.

Working with Wolters Kluwer to deliver UpToDate evidenced-based clinical decision support across Asia Pacific will without doubt have a profound impact on quality of care during the current global crisis. The partnership will provide GPNow users with special member benefits, including a 15% discount on an annual UpToDate subscription.

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GPNow is fast, simple and patient-focused, and we can quickly connect medical professionals to provide much needed assurance and advice.

How GPNow Telehealth Service can help patients with COVID-19 infections, anywhere, anytime…

  • Healthy patients can organise prescriptions, medical certificates referrals and receive test results, and more by conducting a video-consultation with their healthcare provider. Avoiding visiting clinics and potentially spreading or being infected by other patients – limiting the spread the virus.
  • Concerned patients experiencing COVID-19 type flu symptoms can immediately consult with their doctor through online video consultations, to assess their condition severity of their symptoms and determine whether further tests are necessary or a referral to a specialist clinic or hospital is required also protecting medical professionals and practitioners from unnecessary contact with infected patients.
  • “Point of Care” pressure can be alleviated by transitioning patients who are currently hospitalised or are in inpatient rehabilitation programs to be an outpatient program, using telehealth checkups to monitor their recovery. Releasing much needed clinic and hospital beds to care for confirmed Coronavirus patients.
  • Once transitioned or voluntarily quarantined at home patients, particularly the elderly or those with weakened immune systems such as young children more likely to experience severe symptoms can be cared for via telehealth at home during their recovery period – (typically 14 days). Monitoring vitals such as a temperature, blood pressure, asking a few questions general well-being questions and prescribing medication as required.

Practice Innovators International Pty. Ltd. (PII Australia) was established in March 2017 to deliver a world class telehealth service branded as GPNow locally, nationally and internationally – with a mission to “Improve Patient Care”.

Further Information: Robert Hicken Founder & CEO, Practice Innovators International Pty Ltd.

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