Milennium Miracle – GPNow supports 1000th Ukrainian

Firstly, we have just registered our 1,000th Ukrainian refugee. That’s 1,000 vulnerable, displaced Ukrainians families that we have provided FREE medical advice, comfort & care during these troubled times.

We’d also like to share that we have now conducted more than 1,000 telehealth consultations in Ukraine and across Europe, delivering vital healthcare to Ukrainians who have fled the conflict, and their homes. Through those 1,000 sessions our medical professionals have helped men and women, mums and dads, babies and kids, people with disabilities and the elderly access the services and advice that would have otherwise been unavailable to them at this difficult time.

We now have more than 50 wonderful medical professionals working with us, providing these free consultations to Ukrainians anywhere, anytime. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our team of miracle workers on the ground, or the backing of our partners, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS have been staunch supporters and great friends of since the inception GPNow 5 years ago. Allways ready and willing to go the extra mile to support the UCTS project. As a Platinum program sponsor of the service, AWS has provided the funding in the form of services, credits and much needed cash to stand up tand scale the service, allowing us to reach more Ukrainians and offer more consultations.  

It really has been a monumental effort by all involved, and we continue to be humbled and inspired by the support we’ve received. But of course, the war is far from over, and there is still so much work to be done to ensure that the Ukrainian people can access the high-quality healthcare services they need and deserve.

Will you support us?

These people are regular mums and dads, just like you. They’re worried about their elderly parents and their newborn babies, they’re terrified about the future of their country, and they’re dealing with huge amounts of stress and pressure, the likes of which most of us couldn’t even imagine. But you can help!

If you’d like to jump on board as a sponsor, please get in touch with us via our website or social channels. Your generous donation could enable us to help thousands more Ukrainians – you could be that shining beacon of hope they so desperately need right now.

“By supporting the needs of humanity, we will find peace.”
Slava Ukraini! (Glory to Ukraine!)