UCTS welcomes our new Chief Medical Officer, Dr Vadim Illyashenko!

Dr Vadim Ilyashenko UCTS chief medical officer

It’s an exciting time at GPNow, as we’ve recently welcomed a new member to our Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service (UCTS) team. Dr Vadim Illyashenko has joined us as our UCTS Chief Medical Officer, a pivotal role through which he will facilitate the growth and improvement of this wonderful project.

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A highly-regarded professional within the Ukrainian medical community

Dr Illyashenko is based in Ukraine, and has more that 26 years’ experience working as a neurosurgeon, spinal surgeon, and pain specialist at Kyiv’s renowned Oberig Clinic. As a highly-regarded professional within the Ukrainian medical community, Dr Illyashenko has helped the GPNow team forge connections to some of the most senior healthcare executives in both the public and private sectors within the country. These networks will help us further enhance and expand the UCTS program, both nationally and internationally.

Please visit our
Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Page
and support our program.

Helping the more than 2,200 medical professionals displaced by the Ukrainian conflict

Dr Illyashenko’s support will allow us to strengthen the backbone of our healthcare service, which is already 36 doctors strong and counting. It will also enable us to help the more than 2,200 medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, who have been displaced by the conflict.

It was our UCTS Partner and Alliances Manager, Tetiana Rodina, who introduced us to Dr Illyashenko, and we couldn’t be more grateful to her for bringing this exceptional individual into the GPNow family.

Can you help Ukrainians?

We are truly blessed and honoured to have Dr Illyashenko on our team, but to continue delivering high-quality Telehealth services to the vulnerable Ukrainian people, he’s going to need some help.

If you’d like to get involved in any way – whether you’re a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or even an interpreter – please let us know via the contact form linked here.

The feedback we’re receiving from our clients is that hearing a Ukrainian voice on the other end of the line is so comforting in their hour of need. So, even if you’re not able to assist at this time, please forward our details on to any colleagues who may be able to offer their services, and share our posts on your social media channels, to help us continue to grow.

Will you support us?

We are seeking private & corporate sponsors to contribute, so we can reach our €100,000 funding goal.

If you’ve been watching the crisis in Ukraine unfold on the news, and wondering how you can help in some way, please get in touch with us to find out how you could make a difference as a Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service sponsor.

Your sponsorship could help us provide up to 100,000 FREE consultations for Ukrainian people who have been impacted by the conflict.

Please get in touch with us if you’re able to help in any way, big or small – every little bit adds up!