GPNow’s Free Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service now operating 24/7, and we couldn’t be prouder

“If you think you can, if you think you can’t – either way you are right!”

“VirtualCare for the most Vulnerable has always been at the heart of everything we do.


We came up with the idea to offer a free Telehealth service for those fleeing the war in Ukraine whilst watching the images on our televisions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine realising, we could beam in doctors from anywhere in the world using our telehealth platform to provide medical advice, comfort & care for those in need.


We called a team meeting on the following Monday and decided to despite the many challenges ahead that it was better to try and fail – that not try at all – and set about the task at hand”

Robert Hicken, Founder & CEO

We could never have imagined how quickly it would blossom into a life-changing platform. Our Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service (UCTS) is now operating 24/7, providing much-needed support to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet, and we couldn’t be prouder.  A critical component of the service is the technology itself – a proven, safe, secure, multi-lingual telehealth platform – how ever it’s always the people who make the make the impossible possible.


So, we thought it was about time we acknowledge those involved to date and share how things are going with the service, and how you can help.

Hundreds of patients helped in their hour of need

In just three months we have onboarded 225 patients and 32 doctors and conducted more than 300 free consultations for vulnerable Ukrainians. All this amazing work has been funded by PII and resourced by our wonderful volunteers who make the impossible possible, every day. Thanks to our team, who we’ve dubbed the “Angels of Steel”, we’ve been able to make an incredible difference to those in need of medical advice, comfort, and care.

We couldn’t have achieved all this without these amazing individuals:

Top left to right


  • Gina Trandafir, PII Romania Country Manager – aka our “Fearless Border Warrior”
  • Tetiana Rodnina, UCTS Partner & Alliances Manager – aka our “Funding Champion”
  • Kateryna Krupka, UCTS Marketing & Communications Manager – aka “The Voice”
  • Tanya Alhamad, UCTS Onboarding and Operations Manager – aka our “Miracle Worker”
  • Robert Hicken, UCTS Project Principal aka “Head cook & bottle washer”

Please visit our
Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Page
and support our program.

Our volunteers are so incredibly dedicated that Gina didn’t even take a day off for her birthday! She continued her work at the Isaccea border, where she’s been since the outbreak of the conflict, helping refugees fleeing the violence. She’s certainly earned her nickname, “Fearless Border Warrior”!

Positive feedback is flowing in

There’s nothing more special for a doctor than hearing that they’ve made a positive difference to their patients’ lives. Olena, who recently fled Kyiv to the safety of France, got in touch to tell us that Ukrainian CrisisCare was a lifesaver for her when her one-year-old daughter fell ill with a cough and cold. “I’ve got access to a highly-qualified paediatrician during this time… I just don’t know what I would do otherwise,” she said.

Natalia, originally from Odessa and now living in Berlin, also contacted us to express her gratitude, after she was able to get in touch with a psychologist and a paediatrician through our platform. Natalia told us that finding help in her new home was challenging, because although local doctors were supportive, explaining herself to strangers was very difficult. “Only Ukrainian people understand Ukrainian souls,” Natalia said. “Thank you for being here!”

Please visit our
Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Page
and support our program.

A special musical treat

Refugees and volunteers were treated to performances by the amazing Pavel, who flew all the way from Los Angeles to volunteer for six weeks with us. Pavel welcomed refugees who were crossing the border with his beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace, bringing a little comfort, love, light, joy, peace, and grace to those dealing with the horror of displacement. You can check out the heartwarming video here!

We’ve gone global!

Thanks to the hard work of our Partner and Alliance Manager Tetiana, our service is now featured on the Humanitarian Help (International) section of the American Chamber of Commerce website! This gives our service a global profile, enabling more people in need to learn about what we have to offer, and helping us to attract more donations so we can continue this important work.

New web pages designed especially for Ukrainians

Kateryna, our UCTS Marketing and Communications Manager, has launched a beautiful new website landing page and Instagram account, designed especially for our Ukrainian patients. These pages are simple to navigate, with content in the Ukrainian language, so those most in need can access our services quickly and easy.

Keen to help?

While we’ve made excellent progress, we’re still in need of more doctors, ancillary staff, and funding to achieve our goals. If you’re a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or other medical professional, or if you have experience with medical administration, project management, marketing, or translating, we’d love to welcome you as a volunteer – particularly if you are able to speak a Ukrainian language.

We’re also seeking more corporate sponsors and private donors to contribute, so we can reach our €100,000 funding goal.

Please get in touch with us if you’re able to help in any way, big or small – every little bit adds up!