GPNow telehealth supports the launch of rapid, remote CoViD-19 antigen self-testing across Malaysia

Australian Digital Health platform, GPNow, has supported the launch of rapid, remote CoViD-19 testing across Malaysia. Anyone who buys an at-home test can use the GPNow platform to immediately start a telehealth consultation, ensuring medical care and advice, from the safety and comfort of their own home. GPNow is owned by Perth-based company, Practice Innovators International Pty. Ltd. (PII Australia).

The much-needed service, launched in August, is already enabling anyone in Malaysia to purchase Government-approved Rapid Antigen Testing kits from their local pharmacy or clinic, to get fast test results in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Each testing kit comes with a unique QR code to access the online system, which provides comprehensive, easy to follow instructions in both Malaysian and English. Anyone can administer the test by themselves and have their results in 15 minutes.

The service includes the option to connect directly with a doctor upon learning of their results. If they receive a negative result, they can choose to download a medical certificate as proof of their test results. The service is available for both personal and professional use, it will enable people to continue working, with peace of mind.

Robert Hicken, CEO and Founder of GPNow, says, “During these challenging times virtual care for the most vulnerable is at the very heart of everything we do. We find ourselves in the privileged position of being able to provide immediate comfort, medical support and guidance for Malaysian citizens dealing with the current delta-variant-driven wave of the pandemic.”

“Our multilingual, multi-currency, multi-tenanted technology allows us to extend the reach of care for the most vulnerable. The CoViD-19 situation in Malaysia has deteriorated dramatically in recent weeks following the spread of the delta variant. The Health Ministry in Kuala Lumpur is reporting in excess of 15,000 new cases per day as at the beginning of August. The highly transmissible new variant has increased the need for at-home testing kits and access to remote care, to provide safety to both patients and doctors.”

Anyone can connect to a network of Doctors via the GPNow purpose-built telehealth platform. GPNow offers a low-bandwidth, high-resolution connection, developed specifically for health consultations.

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