Do Dentists need a telehealth platform?

Oral health can affect your general wellbeing, and proper dental care doesn’t stop when you leave the dentist’s office. 

More and more dentists are incorporating a virtual health care offering into their service to ensure that they are able to provide ‘whole of patient care’. 

Virtual Dental Consultations, also known as Teledentistry, compliment face-to-face appointments. Telehealth consultations are being widely utilised across a variety of medical disciplines in 2020 to ensure continuity of care during the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Dentists tools

The Australian Government has made temporary MBS telehealth items available to dental practitioners in the practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Details are available at MBS online.  

The ADA (Australian Dental Association) has released guidelines for Teledentistry 

Which patients are most suited to a teleconsultation?

According to the ADA, any patient who has recently undergone a dental procedure and requires follow up or has concerns with their recovery after the procedure or is presenting with an acute dental problem:

  • outside of normal practising hours,
  • who is unable to attend the clinic due to illness, isolation or quarantine,
  • Vulnerable patients during pandemics including those who are:
  • aged 70 years or older
  • identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • pregnant; or
  • the parent of a child aged under 12 months; or   
  • being treated for a chronic health condition; or
  • immune-compromised; or
  • meet the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection.

The ADA states that “practitioners must ensure that their chosen telecommunications solution meets their clinical requirements and satisfies privacy laws.”

GPNow is a purpose-built telehealth platform, not a mass video conferencing tool. As such, it offers the highest standards of security to meet the needs of medical practitioners. 

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