A connection you can trust – choosing a telehealth platform that that meets privacy and security standards

As the world rapidly adjusts to new realities, practitioners and patients are moving their trusted carer-relationships to telehealth platforms. While a choice of video conferencing tools exists, not all are created equal when it comes to facilitating medical consultations.

Significant privacy issues have recently emerged as a major concern for some of the largest video and teleconferencing apps. This was highlighted recently by the Australian Privacy Commissioner, Angelene Falk, who warned of “new risks to privacy”, saying providers needed to be transparent about how they handle personal information.

Perth-based company, GPNow urges GPs and allied health professionals to choose a telehealth platform that meets privacy and security standards.

GPNow is a point-to-point solution. It is a purpose-built telehealth platform, offering the highest levels of security and privacy. Other popular collaboration tools are currently reporting serious privacy breaches, such as “Zoom-bombing”, which is impossible on GPNow. While other mass video collaboration tools are exposed to hacking as their sessions are transmitted via servers, GPNow users can be sure their privacy is being protected.

GPNow was designed with patient protection in mind. No medical information is stored on the platform. All patient medical information is stored separately in existing, proven, robust, industry standard patient management systems.

Barry Nugent, CTO GPNow said, “We built GPNow as a patient-centric, point-to-point private healthcare platform – not a mass video collaboration tool.”

“The practitioners that we work with come to us because they want to offer their patients a telehealth service that meets their highest standards. Our platform is secure and private – giving important peace of mind, particularly at this time.”

“GPNow offers a high-definition, low-bandwidth service, providing diagnostic level video. Many of our users are amazed at the quality of the images, exceeding the often blurry video offered by other mass tools they’ve used in the past.”

Patients and Doctors that use GPNow are protected by a rigorous terms of service. There is no option to record a private medical consultation, for either the patient or doctor.

To provide continued access to essential primary health services during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Government has expanded Medicare-subsidised telehealth services for all Australians, with extra incentives for GPs and other health practitioners also delivered.

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Robert Hicken, Founder & CEO 

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