Reduce risk with remote care

The scale of the Coronavirus – officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation – continues to spread, with over 75,000 cases globally and a death toll exceeding 2000 (as at February 2020). Healthcare systems in several countries are already stretched trying to deal with the spread of the virus. 

“Healthcare technology is being explored in an attempt to deal with the crisis..”

As reported by HealthTech Magazine,  in West China 5G networking and communications equipment is being installed in hopsitals to allow providers to conduct the first remote diagnosis of coronavirus with the help of a telehealth system. The initiative will be expanded to other hospitals.

GPNow has launched to allow healthcare professionals to assess patients from a distance. 

The technology benefits both the providers and patient. Doctors can conduct initial assessments without risk of contracting infectious diseases, while patients need not leave their home and risk further exposure to themselves or others around them.

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